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Built-in digital wallet

Securely store your cash on MoneyUp so that you can instantly enjoy the features and rewards on MoneyUp.

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Send & receive payments

Instantly pay the stores and merchants you love near your college or university campus!

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Worthwhile rewards

Earn rewards and participate in exclusive sweepstakes by simply spending and saving with MoneyUp! Enjoy awesome rewards from 1,000+ of your favorite brands.

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Pay friends instantly

Need to pay back a friend for something? Quickly search & add your friend on MoneyUp to instantly pay them!

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Make money fun
earning rewards

Your favorite brands

We work to provide MoneyUp users with access to gift card rewards at their favorite brands and stores. So many choices!

Instant access to rewards

When you earn a reward on MoneyUp and redeem it, we'll send it your way, through email, instantly! Enjoy those rewards a bit quicker.

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Send & receive payments easily

Send payments

MoneyUp is made to help you easily pay the stores you love and earn while you do. You can also seamlessly pay in the MoneyUp app.

Receive payments

Easily transfer money into your MoneyUp wallet by connecting unlimited external bank accounts, powered by Plaid!

It's time to start enjoying your money


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“I love MoneyUp!"

"MoneyUp seems like a really helpful app for anyone who wants to learn more about personal finance beyond what is taught in schools (which isn’t much). Many of my friends don’t know basic finance, so setting them up with MoneyUp will help them a lot."

Ben S.

"I wish I had MoneyUp sooner"

"When I heard about MoneyUp and saw the app, I was really excited to know that there would be something to teach me about everything related to my personal finances and reward me!"

Claudia K.

“I can learn about my money easily"

"MoneyUp will help me learn new methods of money management and maintaining my money in smart and efficient ways. Every resource that I’d need is in one, easy-to-use place. Plus I can earn a lot along the way."

Brian B.