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Personal banking, automatic budgeting, engaging learning, AI chat assistant, and so much more!

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Banking built for everyday life

Banking shouldn’t be a pain – you already have enough to worry about. Spend, save, and use the tools that you need with BankUp!

Mobile banking just got a whole lot easier! With BankUp you have access to fee-free mobile banking, a beautifully designed bank account, with bank grade security.

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Budgets that are actually useful

Budgets aren’t easy – we know. Making one, and sticking to it, can seem like a real challenge. BudgetUp is a pretty cool (we think) automatic budgeting tool that takes away all of the pain!

BudgetUp is an automatic tool that help you build budgets that fit with how you want your money to grow. Say hello to simple, powerful, and stress-free budgeting!

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Learning but it's worth your time

How many banks, or finance apps, teach you? Little to none, right? LearnUp is built to power your financial future by teaching you what you need to know in a fun and enjoyable way!

LearnUp is the go-to place for everything related to financial literacy and personal finance. Our LearnUp platform features an extensive catalog of quick 2-3 minute videos on everything financial literacy, our AI chat tool - ChatUp, and so much more!

Who knew learning could be so easy!

Reward yourself by doing good things with your money.

MoneyUp gives you everything that you need to take control of your money, and the information you need to make it work for you! With MoneyUp, you can reward yourself with the tools and info you need.

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Personal finance finally made convenient and worthwhile

No more downloading and managing 4 or 5 different apps. All you need is one - MoneyUp!

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Built for Gen Z and college students by Gen Z and college students

Don't worry - we know what you want and need. MoneyUp was built for you!

With everything you need - and more

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Features you love

MoneyUp is always innovating and bringing you features that you will love! Building alongside our users is how we do things so that we can give you the best product.

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No hidden fees

Hidden fees suck. Don't worry because we don't have any! $0 monthly fees. $0 minimum fee.

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Beautiful design

Engage with your money and financial education in a beautifully designed product.

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An app built for you

MoneyUp was built from the ground up to cater to college students and Gen Z. We pride ourselves on building what users want, and we're constantly making your experience better.

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Virtual experience

We know that you're always on the go and on your phone, which is why we designed MoneyUp to work best on your phone.

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Advanced security

Keeping your money and info safe is our top priority. Enjoy our bank grade security that's always fighting off bad actors.

What our users are sayin' about us

"MoneyUp will help me learn new methods of investing and maintaining my money in smart and efficient ways. Every resource that I’d need is in one, easy-to-use place."

A picture of a boy - Brian B

Brian B


"When I heard about MoneyUp and saw the app, I was really excited to know that there would be something to teach me about everything related to my personal finances!"

A picture of a girl - Claudia K

Claudia K.


"MoneyUp seems like a really helpful app for anyone who wants to learn more about personal finance beyond what is taught in schools (which isn’t much). Many of my friends don’t know basic finance, so setting them up with MoneyUp will help them a lot."

Picture of a boy - Ben S
Ben S.

Loved by college students and Gen Z everywhere

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