We're making finance simple, easy, and truly worthwhile for Gen Z and college students

At MoneyUp, we're building a path towards financial literacy that's fun and engaging, because it's time for Gen Z and college students to finally take control of their future.

So, how did it start?

In early 2022, an undergraduate student at Rutgers University woke up one day realizing that a lot of his friends, classmates, and peers were quite bad with their money. He knew that they weren’t the only ones, and went on notice that most students in school and Gen Z was the same way. What caused this he asked himself?

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The much needed solution

He realized that schools, banks, and parents had really dropped the ball in terms of teaching youth about personal finance. So how would a college kid solve that? By building what a college kid would want – fun & truly engaging education and simple financial tools on their phones.

Financial control for everyone

We’re on a mission to create more financial literate and capable Gen Z and college students, by providing them with the most fun, personalized, and worthwhile platform. We know what they want, and we strive everyday to build that for them. We’re reimagining finance!

A group of college students sitting outside conversing and laughing

Meet the awesome team

A picture of Alex Simeon
Alex Simeon
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
A picture of Krish Nair
Krish Nair
Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer
A picture of Nischay Madappa
Nischay Madappa
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
A picture of Isabel Li
Isabel Li
Chief Learning Officer
A picture of Bella Rivera
Bella Rivera
Chief Marketing Officer
A picture of Alexander Silverman
Alexander Silverman
Chief Compliance Officer
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