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What You Will Gain

  • Resume Building At Its Finest - College is a fantastic period to establish a foundation for a successful career, as you're already aware. This position provides a chance to cultivate vital marketing and communication skills while establishing connections that could prove beneficial for your future profession - perhaps even with MoneyUp!
  • Networking Your Future - As a MoneyUp Ambassador, you'll collaborate with trendsetters and opinion leaders in your community to transform concepts into reality. This role will enable you to develop significant connections, engage with driven individuals who share your interests, and jumpstart the growth of your professional network.
  • The Best Time of Your College Years - Becoming a MoneyUp Ambassador is an opportunity to not only advance professionally but also have a fantastic time! MoneyUp Ambassadors are given artistic liberty to animate the brand on their campuses with fun events, imaginative stunts, and other engaging activities.

Who We Want

  • Social Media and Trend Maestros - Spotting trends, analyzing them, and being a whiz of social media who will get MoneyUp out there.
  • Masters At The Craft - If you know everything personal finance and love to share it, you may be who we’re looking for.
  • Team Players - We’re a team here at MoneyUp, and we’re always looking to add a new member. If you’re a great team player, we’d love to have you!
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