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Frequently asked questions

What is MoneyUp?

MoneyUp is a financial technology app made to revolutionize payments for the next-gen consumer. Through cashback, rewards, and other other powerful features, we provide our users with a truly innovative money experience.

What bank handles all your transactions?

We work with various financial partners to ensure secure transactions. MoneyUp Pay is powered by Dwolla, as well as its various financial institution partners.

Does MoneyUp cost anything to use?

Yes and no. MoneyUp will always have a free option available. We also have a paid version, MoneyUp Plus, that does cost a monthly fee to access. You can view pricing here.

Who can signup and use MoneyUp?

MoneyUp is only available to U.S. citizens who are 18 years of age or older.

Is MoneyUp a bank?

No, MoneyUp is not a bank. MoneyUp is a financial technology company that provides banking services through its sponsor banks and partners.

Is MoneyUp safe and secure enough to store/manage my money?

MoneyUp takes the security of its users' funds and personal information very seriously. The company employs advanced encryption technology, firewalls, and other security measures to protect against unauthorized access and theft. User accounts are also regularly monitored for suspicious activity.

The financial partner that MoneyUp uses, Dwolla is regulated and user funds are covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 as they are held in Dwolla's financial institution partners. However, as with any financial service, it is important to be vigilant in protecting your own personal information and to immediately report any suspected fraud or unauthorized transactions.

Am I able to deposit money into my MoneyUp account?

Yes, users are able to fund their account via external bank account connection through our partner, Plaid.

Can I access my account on the go through a mobile app or online platform?

MoneyUp offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to access your account from anywhere at any time through the app. With the app, you can manage your funds, view your transaction history, and more from your smartphone. At this time we do not have online or website support.

What happens if my account is compromised or there is suspicious activity?

If you suspect that your account has been compromised or that there is suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately disconnect external accounts, then contact MoneyUp right away.

You can reach them or through the chatbot on our website. Our support team will assist you in securing your account and protecting your personal and financial information. This may include disabling your account or device, changing your password, and monitoring your account for any further suspicious activity.

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