Customer Account Agreement Disclosure and Consent

MoneyUp Financial, Inc. d.b.a. MoneyUp partners with financial services software company Apto Payments, Inc. (Apto) and banking services provider Patriot Bank, N.A (Patriot), member FDIC, to provide you with an Account on our platform. By registering to use our platform and receiving access to the Account, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Patriot Bank, N.A, Issued Mastercard Consumer Debit Card Program Cardholder Agreement, available at and the Patriot Bank, N.A., Privacy Policy, available at (the Patriot Terms)

Additionally, by opening an Account, linking your external bank account, or authorizing any electronic payment, you agree to Apto’s terms of service,, corporate privacy notice,, privacy policy,, and electronic communications consent, (the Apto Terms).

All users must accept the Patriot Terms and the Apto Terms in order to use the MoneyUp platform/app.

This Policy is effective 04/2023