MoneyUp+ User Agreement

MoneyUp+ User Agreement

This agreement (“Agreement”) is made between MoneyUp Financial, Inc. d.b.a MoneyUp, with its principal place of business at 335 George St, Ste 4 PMB 1084, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901, United States, and the cardholder (collectively, the “Parties”).

  1. Purpose: This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which MoneyUp has agreed to issue a debit card to the Cardholder and the Cardholder has agreed to use the debit card. The debit card allows the Cardholder to access the funds in the Cardholder's deposit account through the use of point-of-sale (POS) terminals.
  2. Account Linkage: The debit card is linked to the Cardholder's checking account at MoneyUp. The Cardholder acknowledges that any transactions made using the debit card will be deducted from the linked account.
  3. PIN and Security: The Cardholder will be issued a personal identification number (PIN) to use in connection with the debit card. The Cardholder agrees to keep the PIN confidential and secure, and to not write the PIN down or keep it with the debit card.
  4. Fees: The Cardholder may be charged fees for using the debit card, including, but not limited to, overdraft fees. MoneyUp will provide the Cardholder with a schedule of fees upon request, and this schedule shall be made available on the MoneyUp website.
  5. Limitations: The Cardholder may be subject to daily transaction limits and/or daily withdrawal limits when using the debit card. MoneyUp will provide the Cardholder with information on these limitations upon request. This information shall also be made available to the user in the MoneyUp app.
  6. Cardholder Support: The Cardholder should contact MoneyUp's financial technology partner, Apto Payments, Inc. (Apto), as soon as possible to get help regarding their deposit account or MoneyUp Debit Card. MoneyUp and Apto will investigate the dispute and take appropriate action. Users may contact Apto through the methods below:

    Getting help by phone
    Cardholders can call the following customer service phone number - (+ 1-855-459-0326). The number is for Apto’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. If the cardholder reports a lost, stolen, or compromised card, we close it immediately.

    Getting help through email
    Cardholders can reach Apto cardholder support by email at with any questions or requests. An email report of a lost, stolen, or compromised card is treated as critical and the card is closed as soon as the support agent handles the report.

    Cardholder support hours
    Apto’s support hours are Monday through Friday, from 8am-5pm PST, excluding U.S. national holidays. Apto will acknowledge all customer service requests within one business day. Additionally, the IVR phone system and in-app support are automated and can provide some services immediately, such as closing a lost, stolen, or compromised card.
  7. Lost or Stolen Cards: The Cardholder should immediately report any lost or stolen debit card to either MoneyUp or Apto. Apto may place a hold on the linked account until the lost or stolen card is cancelled and a replacement card is issued. Users may contact Apto through the methods earlier (through phone or email).
  8. Termination: This Agreement may be terminated by either Party at any time, upon written notice to the other Party. Upon termination of this Agreement, MoneyUp or Apto may cancel the debit card and close the linked account.
  9. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Delaware.
  10. Amendment: This Agreement may be amended by MoneyUp at any time, upon notice to the Cardholder.

This Agreement is effective 04/2023